Enjoyable ride before breakfast

Early ride

It’s dark, except for a few street lights. The streets are empty, no cars, no buses. It’s quiet. The only sound you hear is that from your own tires, as you are pedaling through the sleeping city of Umeå. It’s almost six a clock in the morning, and you’re about to meet up with a group of dedicated riders in downtown Umeå for an hours worth of riding.

It will be painful, but you know the ride always finishes over a nice hotel breakfast, where good explanations to lost KOM‘s are given over hot coffee and cereal bowls.

Photo: Andreas Nilsson | GripGrab Media Crew


Vincitore is an event where you meet up early for an hour ride before eating breakfast. Vincitore is based on the vision that everyone should have an equally enjoyable ride, whatever the level of rider. The event is held every Friday in Umeå, Sweden, regardless of weather and season. As a rider of Vincitore, you get to ride tarmac, gravel, and snow.

Photo: Andreas Nilsson | GripGrab Media Crew

The meeting

The morning gathering is an event itself. Many riders attend long before the start, just to chat. Being part of this is something unique.

The city is asleep, the only voices are other riders talking. There’s an expectation in the air. You can feel it. Everyone’s smiling, yet there’s some tension. Everyone’s thinking the same – did I bring my legs today?

Photo: Andreas Nilsson | GripGrab Media Crew

The ride

When the clock hits six, it’s flat out race on 30km gravel. There are different groups depending on what pace you like, such that you always can challenge those you’re riding with. This ride is possibly the most spectacular you can get from Umeå city within one hour.

Photo: Andreas Nilsson | GripGrab Media Crew

Gravel Grinding

Wherever there’s a Strava segment – there’s war! Every rider joins the speed segment in hope of beating their friends. This is always something that will be brought up later during breakfast.

Photo: Andreas Nilsson | GripGrab Media Crew
Photo: Andreas Nilsson | GripGrab Media Crew

Great variety of riders

You do not have to be a member of any club, and it’s free of charge. This brings many different riders, happy riders, and elite riders. The mixture of riders creates a humble atmosphere, where everyone shares the same passion – riding bikes!

Photo: Andreas Nilsson | GripGrab Media Crew

Well-deserved breakfast

It’s not all about the ride. The breakfast has become an opportunity to meet new friends, talk about cycling and to just feel good about yourself.

Photo: Andreas Nilsson | GripGrab Media Crew
Photo: Andreas Nilsson | GripGrab Media Crew

Having fun is fun

According to Vincitore co-founder Frej Lindström, who never seems to run out of energy, every ride is unique: “There’s always new riders showing up and you can never predict how the ride will be. It has become so popular we now have our own clothing!

When asking what motivates him, he replies; “Everyone that joins have become a friend, and they all seem to have so much fun. Sometimes, we’re more than 60 riders. Riding with friends is fun, and having fun is fun. A great friend and rider, Jessica Edqvist, once told me that Vincitore has the mentality and balance between hard and very sincerely. I think this is what keeps me going.

Photo: Andreas Nilsson | GripGrab Media Crew


You can join Vincitore every Friday, every week, all year. Make sure to follow “vincitoreumea” on Facebook and Instagram or head over to their homepage

  Photo credits:  Andreas Nilsson | GripGrab Media Crew
Contributing editor: Frej Lindström