Up the Down Lane

Tim Wiggins – Equinox Everesting Challenge

38 x 3.3 kilometers up 

On Saturday 24th of June, GripGrab Local Hero Tim Wiggins will start his climb up the St. Boniface Down on the Isle of Wight. He will do it not once, nor twice but thirty-eight times! An Everesting attempt has been on Tim´s bucket list for a while, and now the time has come.


Tim Wiggins - #EquinoxEveresting challenge #INSEARCHOFUP ENDURANCE CYCLING

Summer solstice

Tim has chosen the date for his challenge to be close to the summer solstice, so he can benefit from the blessing summer light. He plans to start at 05:00 in the morning, so he can take full advantage of the early rise of the sun. During his multiple climbs from the clock tower to the radar station, the day will pass and he will steadily accumulate height meters, and in the gloaming, he will have climbed a total of 8.848 meters!

That´s the plan.

Tim Wiggins - #EquinoxEveresting challenge #INSEARCHOFUP ENDURANCE CYCLING

Light and fast
In his choice of gear for his Everesting challenge, Tim´s main focus is on lightweight, comfortable and functional race gear, that will provide him with the optimal scenario to go fast. 

Tim Wiggins - #EquinoxEveresting challenge #INSEARCHOFUP ENDURANCE CYCLING
Tim Wiggins - #EquinoxEveresting challenge #INSEARCHOFUP ENDURANCE CYCLING

Time in the saddle for a good cause

With his challenge, Tim wants to support an Isle of Wight based charity, The Ellen MacArthur Trust. By creating activities for children in their recovery from cancer, the trust helps children build self confidence and contribute to putting a smile back on their faces after months or even years of anxiousness and distress.   

It will be a long and great day in the saddle for Tim Wiggins, and as he has often spend moments admiring the #insearchofup posts, he can finally venture out on his own #EquinoxEveresting challenge.

God speed! 

GripGrab Roadster

Tim´s bike for the Everesting challenge:  Neil Pryde Bura SL with Mavic wheels.
He will use the GripGrab Roadster gloves, and the GripGrab Summer Skull Cap Mesh.

Support tim´s Everesting challenge.
More about the Ellen MacArthur Trust.
Learn more about Tim Wiggins on his Life In The Saddle blog.

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