The longest bicycle stage race in the world

Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme

Beyond extremeties

What makes a ride? For some it can be 40k on their favorite roads. Once home it´s time for a shower and a good meal. For others it will be a 120k ride with a stop at a café en route. For Danish ultra cycling rider Michael Knudsen it will be a day of 404k, followed by 382k, followed by 692k the third day… With 14 stages and a total of inconceivable 9.287,1 kilometers, Michael´s ride will bring him from Moscow right across Russia to Vladivostok, situated by the Japanese Sea, seven time zones from Moscow. Talk about a ride.

The Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme is the world´s longest stage race.  This year ten selected participants from all over the world will depart from Moscow on July 18th, and venture out on a journey that in many ways is as unimaginable as the sheer length of the race. The Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme is a road race comparable to Tour de France, Giro d´Italia or Vuelta a España – or in fact to all of them put together in one race. The fact is, that unlike Race Across America, the timing clock stops each day (or night!) once the rider crosses the stage finish line, meaning that aspects like strategy, alliances, attacks, and breakaways will play major roles like they always do in road races. It´s not just a race against the clock.


Pushing boundaries

Michael Knudsen is driven by a need to push the limits. With several Ironmans completed, he has now set his eyes on the Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme as the race that will test his physical endurance and his mental strenghts to the greatest extent.

Who will be the first Dane to complete

The start field consist of ten riders (of which two are female riders) from Brazil, Germany, Ireland, USA, Denmark, Russia and the Philippines. Three of the ten riders are from Denmark: Aske Søby, Peter Sandholt and Michael Knudsen. This can potentially lead to interesting race situations as the Danes can choose to cooperate – Or the opposite if there´s no trust between them. It´s a race within the race, as all three Danish riders have their individual ambitions.

Race comfort & functionality

The participants in the Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme will cross five climate zones, and the Russian terrain is presenting the riders with a total of 80.000 height meters to climb during the 14 stages! Michael Knudsen has chosen the GripGrab SuperGel as his primary glove, due to the 6mm Doctor Gel padding that provides him with maximum race comfort during the long ride. When it gets cold and rainy, Michael´s choice is the GripGrab CloudBurst – A fully waterproof high end cycling glove with 4mm Doctor Gel. During the night rides, Michael will be using products from the GripGrab High Visibility range that offer him both maximum functionality along with improved safety: GripGrab RaceAqua Hi-Vis.  

The SuperGel is the most shock absorbing glove in the range, featuring high end materials and 6 mm DoctorGel padding, AX suede palm and a Mesh back.

This pair of gloves offers maximum protection against fatigue and numbness of the hands related to cycling activity.

SuperGel is the perfect choice for riders who desire maximum race comfort on the bike.

gMagnets provide a smart way to tidy up your gloves. The sweat wiper helps to clean your face from dirt and sweat. The Velcro closure allows for a tight, yet comfortable fit while the pull-off system makes it easy to take the gloves off.

The CloudBurst is a pair of fully waterproof and windproof high-performance gloves for the wet and windy days.

Unlike most winter gloves which are bulky and thick, the Cloudburst model is remarkably thin and subtle making it appealing for training and competition.
The sleek and lightweight construction with silicon grip provides a superb grip and sense of feel for the handlebars and shifters.
Expect a pair of extraordinary gloves that likely will become your favourite hand protection on rainy days.
Thanks to the high breathability these gloves will serve you well as an all-round high-end glove.

The RaceAqua Hi-Vis is a lightweight, waterproof and aerodynamic shoe cover that protects against wind and rain.

The waterproof stretch fabric gives a tight fit and the rear zipper makes it easy to pull over the shoe. The sole is reinforced for added durability.

Reflective print on the side of the covers along with the yellow fluorescent colour make for augmented visibility in low light conditions.



Michael Knudsen from Denmark training in all conditions for the Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme.

Visit Michael Knudsen´s Facebook page: Level Up Life
 Photo credits: Martin Paldan

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