Weekend ride

Story by Martin Paldan

Grey is the best word to describe this Saturday. Maybe a too obvious description, but I´m not going to add any ´shades´ references to spice it up. I will add a second color though; blue. The Saturday ride was a ´duo-chromatic´ experience into a soggy and muddy stage under low grey clouds full of guilt, joining forces with a completely desaturated, doomed blue. This was a ride destined to become dirty – not only as in mud all over the bike but as in dishonest. Making shortcuts, calling it a day way too early, quitting…

Photo by Martin Paldan | GripGrab
Photo by Martin Paldan | GripGrab
Photo by Martin Paldan | GripGrab
Photo by Martin Paldan | GripGrab

Yellows, greens, and a much richer blue. If Saturday was the evil stepmother, then Sunday is Cinderella. A totally different feeling when clipping in and rolling down the street. Below zero degrees, crisp air, blue sky, and a razor-sharp sun, making yesterday´s gloomy mood seems centuries away. I know where to go, and speed up to get warmth in my body.

Photo by Martin Paldan | GripGrab

We categorize this as winter. A season. This gives us a comprehension of days of similar characteristics; cold, frosty, white. Or does it? This weekend made a winter Saturday appear like a November day and the next day – a Sunday like a Spring day in March. In the same weekend in January. I always thought of the two weekend days as something linked together. Maybe mostly due to the fact it was days off, but also in a sort of brother/sister relationship. This weekend proved that one must surely be adopted!

Photo by Martin Paldan | GripGrab


It´s easy to praise the clear and bright day over the grey and misty, as we northerners hunger for sunlight in the winter months. While the grey and wet days are of high frequency, the days of clear skies and a harsh, warming sun are rare.

On top of a hill in the vast, flat area of Kalvebod Fælled, I strike up a conversation with cartographer Christian Lux and his wife. The view is fantastic and is one of few places around Copenhagen, where your eyes can wander for miles. We quickly agree on how a day like today is a gift to be appreciated by venturing outdoors. Christian is a cyclist himself, but today he´s hiking, but feel inspired by the look of my gravel bike. ´Gotta get my cx bike out for a spin´ he says. On the other hand, I feel inspired by him being a cartographer, and we chat a bit about the excitement of looking at maps and planning adventures. I learn that his company Skydesign.dk design maps, and as we depart with greetings of ´enjoy your day´, I can´t help think how cool it would be to design a map, with one´s own choice of which graphical elements to include and which trails and routes to highlight. Under a wide open sky, it´s easy and stimulating to let ideas fly high.


Photo by Martin Paldan | GripGrab

Don´t get me wrong. The grey has its qualities too.

It somehow creates a shortcut to one´s melancholy inner tone, and it can be a challenge to face. There´s a truth to a weather like this.  “It´s a sad and beautiful world” as Roberto Benigni says in Down by Law.

Photo by Martin Paldan | GripGrab
Photo by Martin Paldan | GripGrab

Keeping the wheels spinning is what matters. That´s our hearts beating – come grey come blue. We will ride. The conditions are only the scene; we need to bring ourselves into action. Let it play!

Photo by Martin Paldan | GripGrab


 Photo credits: Martin Paldan

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Grey is the best word to describe this Saturday. Maybe a too obvious description, but I´m not going to add any ´shades´ references to spice it up. I will add a second color though; blue.


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