Gravel alarm!

Snow in March

Story by Martin Paldan | GripGrab


Tuesday morning, 5:30 AM, minus 2°C. I get out of bed and look out the window.  Everything is covered in a thin, fragile layer of snow. It´s March. It´s most likely the last winter ride. The sky is still dark but will turn pale blue in a matter of minutes. The sun is about to make an appearance. I need to get a move on. It´s time for the GRAVEL ALARM to go off!

Copenhagen Plains

I make a decision and ease down towards the metro station. The villa streets are empty and I reckon the car folks will get a surprise when they wake up to this scenery. It´s a bit more busy on the main road. I check-in myself and my bike for the metro and jump in. To get the most out of this morning, I need to take desperate measure in use. People get on and off, while I ride the full length of the line from one end to the other. I get off at West Amager – Where the Wild West Copenhagen Plains starts – Also known as Kalvebod Fælled. Finally, I can clip in!   

Photo: Martin Paldan | GripGrab Media Crew

My ride is not about getting some extra base miles done before work. I´m honestly not made for such structured approach… I simply won´t miss one of my favorite gravel locations dressed up in winter white. I have my camera with me and a small tripod for making selfies along the way. I get my kicks from a beating heart and a stunning landscape. So yes, I do enjoy getting the blood flowing and feeling my heart beating fast and steady as I grind through the snow crust – Don´t we all? 
   But I´m always ready to hit the brakes hard and stop. For a photo.  

Photo: Martin Paldan | GripGrab Media Crew


I take the opportunity to ride some of the sections I have planned for the GripGrinder W13. I´m pretty certain the scenery will present a different mood on the day of the GripGrinder, but that´s part of the adventure. You never know what you get in Denmark…

I´m the first to touch the virgin snow on a few long gravel stretches and with watery eyes from the wind I spot a herd of deer out on the field. With straight necks, they watch carefully as I ride by. 


Photo: Martin Paldan | GripGrab Media Crew

Urban Life

As a large group of birds takes off from the reed, I realize that my deadline is close. I need to get to work. With a firm grip on the drop bars, I leave the plains behind and join the commuter herds in the public transport grid going north out of Copenhagen.

I will be back for more of the gravel feeling soon.

Photo: Martin Paldan | GripGrab Media Crew

Could this have been the last winter ride for now?

More info on the GripGrinder W13 can be found at the Facebook event page.



 Photo credits: Martin Paldan | GripGrab

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