What does it take to be a true mountainbiker?

Andy’s Quest

Being a true mountainbiker?

Follow Andy on his quest for being a true mountainbiker.



In episode 1, Andy has a go at shaving his legs, dressing up with shades and hitting a hill hard to become King of the Mountain. Will that make him a true mountain biker?


In episode 2, Andy is still searching but is on track for being a true mountain biker by eating the right breakfast, doing bunny hops and wearing the perfect socks.


In episode 3, Andy goes all in with a full beard, track stand, and a coffee break! But he´s still not satisfied…


In episode 4, Andy is desperate – Tattoos, speed metal, and wheelies might be on the path to being a true mountainbiker – or?


In episode 5, Andy meets up with his friends and stop thinking about what makes him a true mountain biker. After all, it´s the experience that counts.

 Video credits: Thomas Jean Nielsen | GripGrab


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Andy's Quest Being a true mountainbiker? Follow Andy on his quest for being a true...

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