MTB Stage race

Brasil Ride

7 days – 600 kilometers – 13.000 height meters! 

Told by Søren Nissen, participant in Brasil Ride

“Brasil Ride” is the biggest stage race event in America and worldwide recognized as one of the hardest races to win.
Winning this race was something my teammate Luis Pinto and me were aiming for.

Brasil Ride consists of the following challenges: 7 days • +600Km • +13.000M were waiting for us!

And not to forget: The heat and the burning sun was maybe one of the biggest obstacles when you come overseas from Europe.

But nothing went like we had planned and hoped for.

Brasil Ride
Brasil Ride

Open to the bone

While test riding the track for the prologue the day before the race, Luis hit a sharp metal piece in the narrow single trails and got a 10 cm long open cut in his right leg. First I thought he was joking when screaming for an ambulance, but when I had a closer look the leg was open right to the bone…

Somehow we got him fixed (8 stitches) and I somehow convinced him to start the prologue the day after, just to try and finish and then maybe look ahead to the second part of the race.

So did we: We forgot about the overall classification and tried to get as easy through the first stages as possible.

Brasil Ride
Brasil Ride

All out from the beginning

Queen stage 4 was the hardest and most brutal stage of all. We decided to go all we could and try to at least to compensate all the bad luck.

105 km and 3400 meters of climbing were on today´s menu. But we kept to our plan and went all out from the beginning of the stage. With temperatures around 40 degrees and a killing humidity, it was very important to hydrate and eat in order to keep your body going! After the 2nd feed zone of the day, we made our move and set a crazy pace up the longest climb of the day. On the top, we had more than 1 minute to the next team and we just continued to gain more time as the day went on.  At km 60 we had a 5 minutes advance, and we reached the finish line more than 10 minutes to the later overall winning team with Henrique Avancini and Jiri Novak (Cannondale factory).

We were both super happy with this win and the way we did it. We showed everyone that on a “normal day” we would have been on top with the leaders in the final overall.


Brasil Ride
Brasil Ride
Brasil Ride

3rd position

The day after, we nearly won another stage. Unfortunately, we got caught in the end and finished the stage in 3rd position. The rest of the stages we were doing well but Luis started having problems with infection in his leg, so we had to slow a little down.

Brasil Ride

All in all, I think we got the best out of the situation even if we both knew we could have done much more if things had gone our way…

Søren Nissen was riding the Brasil Ride with the GripGrab SuperGel XC glove

 Photo credits: Brasil Ride 

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“Brasil Ride” is the biggest stage race event in America and worldwide recognized as one of the hardest races to win.
Winning this race was something my teammate Luis Pinto and me were aiming for.


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