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My 5 favourite running products

By Elisabeth Kellerer


Whereas many people I know prefer the hot summer runs in split shorts – I’ve always been an absolute winter child and I love everything about winter, and I also love many things more in winter than I love them in any other season. Running for example is one of my absolute favourite things to do in winter (especially when there’s quite a lot of snow) but picking the right clothes for a winter run can be quite tricky. The easiest and most basic rule is: when you are a little cold when you step out your front door and also freeze a little on the first kilometer – you are dressed right. When you feel warm and comfortable standing in front of your house waiting for your GPS-watch to connect – chances are you will sweat like crazy once you start running and you wear too many clothes.

My favourite accessories to wear on my winter runs are the following:


On most days I prefer headbands – on some, I prefer the Podium Beanie or the Skull Cap. I love the simple design of the Women’s Windproof Headband and its comfortable fit. An absolute highlight is that you can cut holes for your ponytail on two different heights, so it fits your personal preference. I personally haven’t cut any holes yet because I mostly wear a high ponytail when running. The Women’s Windproof Headband keeps my ears warm, keeps my hair out of my face and prevents my head from overheating (under beanies my head sometimes gets a little too warm).

Women´s Windproof Headband


Definitely my most favourite glove EVER – for running, for cross-country skiing, for winter walks. The Running Thermo Glove is a warm and super comfortable glove that comes with a windproof cover that can quickly be pulled out from the pocket when needed. I’m a fan of mitten gloves because they keep your hands warmer than regular gloves, but usually, you need to take your mitten gloves off when you want to use your fingers. The Race Thermo Glove solves this problem perfectly and kept my hands warm and dry even during a long, rainy and freaking cold cross country skiing session.

Running Thermo Gloves


The Women’s Insulator is a glove I wear on runs when it’s not too cold – or I wear them inside my Running Thermo Gloves when it’s really, really cold. Just a comfortable, insulating, breathable and lightweight glove I wouldn’t want to miss in my wardrobe.

Women´s Insulator


Other than normal headgloves the HeadGlove Thermo has the addition of a microfleece to a headtube – that means (when you wear it around your neck like I did) you have more warmth and comfort around your neck and still have the thin headtube fabric that you can still breath trough when you pull the headglove over your nose. I wear this headglove for almost all activities in winter from running to cross-country skiing, cycling,  snowboarding and winter walks.

HeadGlove Thermo


As I often run early in the morning or late in the evening, it’s super important for me to be visible. My wardrobe is mostly dark black and grey – so I chose to wear a high visible sock above my tights to increase my visibility.

Hi-Vis Regular Cut Sock


 Photo credits: Laurin Ring,


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Whereas many people I know prefer the hot summer runs in split shorts – I’ve always been an absolute winter child and I love everything about winter,


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