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Sharing a passion for action sports photography

The GripGrab Media Crew

The GripGrab Media Crew is a community of photographers with a strong interest in action sports photography. We enjoy capturing the perfect moments, and are driven by our needs to share the great moments of action sports with the rest of the world.

The GripGrab Media Crew is based on motivation and interest, and is not a paid freelance position at GripGrab. As a GripGrab Media Crew member you get exclusive opportunities to develop your photography, meet amazing athletes, join other Media Crew members for photo shoots, get VIP access to certain events and a big network of fellow photographers who all shares a passion for action sports photography.

We are currently over 40 photographers from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and France.

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GripGrab Media Crew member Mikkel Beisner getting the shot!
Action sports photographers on the lookout for action!
Koen Henderickx from the GripGrab Media Crew at the 12-hour MTB race
French GripGrab Media Crew member Paul Foulonneau framing the shot
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