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by GripGrab

We design and develop products for cycling, but we are more than just a brand. With a strong passion for cycling, and as professional communicators, photographers, video makers and bloggers, we simply love to share our experiences on and off the bike.

Through our interest in cycling, we are constantly inspired by friends and colleagues who show off their new bike, share their experiences from this morning’s ride, the weekend´s muddy race or their plans of going bike packing in a new exotic location.
We wish to pass on this shared enthusiasm and are proud to present the first edition of the Gripster magazine!

Gripster magazine offers you pages of contemplation, inspiration and insight. Join us for an adventure to the Faroe Islands, where you find no marked trails, but plenty of stunning scenery that will leave you breathless. Get behind the scenes with a top ladies’ pro team, as the riders from WM3 Pro Cycling make selfies between hard training rides in Spain. Gain insight into GripGrab’s universe of accessories and learn why IntelliSeal is an award-winning technology and together with Zipper-less are the new buzz-words in shoe covers.

In the magazine, you also find a complete overview of the GripGrab range. GripGrab is widely recognized for a lineup of top quality accessories for cycling in all conditions.  Our creed is to make your riding the best possible experience regardless of the weather.

We hope our paths will cross on the trails and roads someday. Enjoy reading!


The Gripster crew

WM3 Pro Cycling Team, training camp in Spain, Marianne Vos with GripGrab Aero TT

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GripGrab is based on a passion for cycling and running and the dream of building a brand of products that make these sports enjoyable no matter how cold, wet or windy it is. Great quality accessories make the difference between being too hot, or too cold, between being wet or dry, aerodynamic or flappy and between being seen or not seen.These are the products we live and breathe for.